White Pine Lodge, Lake of the Woods, Ontario, Canada

We Are Not Taking Any 2018 Reservations

We are sorry for the inconvenience, but White Pine Lodge is not taking any reservations or bookings for the 2018 season. We will be back next season. We are leaving the website and it's "old" information in place for the moment. We will be updating everything before next season. Again, we're sorry for the inconvenience. We'll be back soon!

White Pine Lodge Fishing Gallery

Bob, IL USA Northern 44 inch caught in Snake Bay and Nick, IL USA with his Northern Pike ! (Both caught and realeased)

monster northern pike lake of the woodsanother trophy fish from lake of the woods ontario

Don from IL. USA - May Opener 2014 with his 27.5 inch Walleye

walleye everywhere lake of the woods ontariomore walleye fishing on lake of the woods

Jim and Jodie: We had a great trip this year. Caught close to 300 walleye and several big Northern. Here's a few pictures from our trip. - E.

catch and relese fishing on lake of the woods ontariomore catch and relese tropy fishing on lake of the woods ontariosuper walleye fishing trip to white pine lodgemy great catch and release story from lake of the woods