White Pine Lodge, Lake of the Woods, Ontario, Canada

We Are Not Taking Any 2018 Reservations

We are sorry for the inconvenience, but White Pine Lodge is not taking any reservations or bookings for the 2018 season. We will be back next season. We are leaving the website and it's "old" information in place for the moment. We will be updating everything before next season. Again, we're sorry for the inconvenience. We'll be back soon!

Aerial view of White Pine Lodge on lake of the woods near sioux narrows ontario canada

Aerial view of White Pine Lodge on Lake of the Woods

The North

You ask me where the North begins,

And what its boundaries are.

                The North is not an area,

It’s not a piece of land; The North’s a spirit and a life

Which you must understand.

                Up where the handclap’s stronger,

Far from the city dens,

Up where the smile lasts longer-

That’s where the North begins.

                Up where the sun shines brighter,

Where worries easily end,

Up where the snow lies whiter,

You’re in the North, my friend.

                Where every man’s a fighter,

And no one quits the game.

Where the bond of friendship’s tighter,

And honor’s more than fame.

                Where you feel the fresh wind blowing

From pine woods clean and pure.

Where you find the trout streams flowing.

You’re in the North for sure.

                Where fewer hearts are aching,

And fewer men walk broke,

Where the world’s still in the making,

And all hearts carry hope;

                Where fellows don’t mind giving,

And we ask neither creed nor name,

Where the fun of life is living,

For life is worth the game.

                Have you left the compact daylight

As dawn was breaking forth,

Carried back you deer at twighlight?

Then you’ve really known the North.

                Have you smelled the bacon frying,

By lakes where big fish swim,

Made friends without half trying?

That’s where the North begins.

                To the North is not a country

Measured in terms of land;

The real North is a spirit

Which you must understand.

- Anonymous

White Pine Lodge on Lake of the Woods, Ontario, Canada

Take the most convenient route to International Falls, Minnesota and cross the border into Fort Frances, Ontario, Canada. Travel west along Highway 71. Drive north on Highway 71 for 68 miles. The lodge is located 7 miles south of the town of Sioux Narrows. Follow the signs to White Pine Lodge on beautiful Lake of the Woods.

GPS coordinates of our Lodge:

  • UTM Zone 15U 0427609/5466877
  • Lat 49.3503 Long -93.9967

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Location Maps

map of lake of the woods area ontario canada

lake of the woods map ontario

sunset on lake of the woods ontario canada