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We Are Not Taking Any 2018 Reservations

We are sorry for the inconvenience, but White Pine Lodge is not taking any reservations or bookings for the 2018 season. We will be back next season. We are leaving the website and it's "old" information in place for the moment. We will be updating everything before next season. Again, we're sorry for the inconvenience. We'll be back soon!

huge walleye taken on lake of the woods in northern ontario

Lake of the Woods Walleye Fishing Tips

Walleyes are golden in color with dark green backs, white bellies and distinctive white tips at the lower portion of their tails. A walleye's greatest asset as a predator is its eyesight, several times more light-sensitive than their prey. Another asset is its highly developed lateral line capable of finding bait fish even in muddy water.

Walleye Fishing Tips

There are several key, but simple, factors to keep in mind when it comes to choosing the right tactic to catch walleyes.

First, remember this - your mission is to show your bait to as many walleyes as you can in as short a time as possible. That means the way fish are relating to structure on any given day generally dictates the choice of technique. If tightly schooled, then it makes sense to jig which puts the bait in the middle of them all the time. If you were to troll under those conditions, you would be spending more time turning the boat around to make another quick pass through the school than you would catching fish. But, when fish are spread out over huge flats or suspended over wide areas, then trolling is the way to pass bait in front of the most fish.

walleye trophy while fishing on lake in the woods ontarioSecond, think of most methods for catching walleye as live bait delivery systems. Every one with the exception of trolling crank baits, is designed to present a nightcrawler, leech or minnow in the most natural way possible. Some add attractors like spinner blades or beads.

The most common and simple walleye tactic is jigging. Jigs can be used with a minnow, worm or leech or hundreds of plastic baits with or without live bait. They can be fished vertically when fish hold tight to dropoffs, humps or points. They can also be cast.

Fish jigs on or near the bottom. Use a jig heavy enough to maintain bottom contact whether in current, strong winds or deep water. The shallower the fish or the slower the wind or current, the lighter the jig can be.

Learn more fishing tips from the best. White Pine Lodge's professional fishing guides are here to make your fishing vacation a success. Why not plan to take a guide with you for a day to show you all of the fishing secrets of Lake of the Woods fishing.

walleye fishing with guides while at White Pine Lodge family walleye fishing trip at white pine lodge

family fishing fun to lake of the woods and big walleye

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